Members/ Artists


3WS Generations Beadwork

Jolene Ramirez Soto

Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Traditional style Native American beadwork with a contemporary twist

a.c. ramírez de arellaño

a.c. ramírez de arellaño

Ancestry: Taino

Handmade leather items, handmade masks, fine art (oils on canvas) 23×36”

Women-SEW Global Foundation

LaVerne Lewis

Ancestry: Ancestry- African-American, Afgan, Tibetan etc

We represent our cultural items, because we are African-American, Afghan and Tibetan.

Wombyn's Wellness Garden LLC

Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz

Ancestry: Native American/Oglala Lakota/Yomba Shoshone enrolled Lower Brule Souix

Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz, Oglala Lakota/Yomba. Shoshone, enrolled Lower Brule Souix Tribe. Farmer/Land steward, growing & selling Indigenous produce, medicinal herbs, handcraft tea blends, tinctures and plant starts. In 2023, she will be exclusively vending with Portland Indigenous Marketplace as she builds up the infrastructure at her new family farm in Oregon City, at the end of the Oregon Trail. The lands were once home to the Charcowah village of the Clowewalla (Willamette band of Tumwaters) and the Kosh-huk-shix Village of Clackamas people.

Wilgoosksm Gibaaw (Wise Wolf)

Wilgoosksm Gibaaw (Wise Wolf)-Janice Jainga Lonergan

Janice Jainga-Lonergan

Ancestry: Tsimshian

My creations are an homage to my Tsimshian heritage and the traditional weaving & metal art works. My woven items are made from red and yellow cedar bark. These items include baskets, hats and jewelry. My copper metal creations include handmade hayetsk (copper shield) earrings and necklaces. I also make a variety of beaded jewelry and items. Traditional regalia is also included in my creations which range from moccasins to button blankets and Raven's Tail woven items. My artwork keeps me connected to my ancestors and Tsimshian heritage.

Serena Kwey's Earrings

Serena Kwey's Earrings- Serena K Hart

Serena Hart

Ancestry: Ojibwe and Chicana

My name is Serena Kwey Hart. My Indian name is Niigaani-anang-ikwe, which means leading star women in Ojibwe. I am of Mexican and Native American descent. My 1st name means serene/com in Spanish. My middle name means young woman in Ojibwe and my last name means dear heart. My mother is chicana From El Paso Texas. Her mother was from Mexico and Her father is from Texas. My father is a Anishinaabe/ojibwe from the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota. Both of his parents are from Indian reservations in northern Minnesota. I was born In Albuquerque New Mexico and grew up in mostly Northern Minnesota and parts of California. I now live in central Oregon where I make and sell my beaded earrings that are of a Ojibwe descent.


Changes- Artwork created by Native Americans put into greeting card form to encourage people to stay clean and sober and empower themselves through positive changes. To support people through everyday life struggles and blank cards for people to put their own words to a card.

Bobbie Hill

Ancestry: Mvskoke Creek, Crow, French Canadian

greeting cards created by native Americans to encourage people to stay clean and sober, insulated cups and healing stones

Atrum Arte

Atrum Arte: We are a family of woodworkers. Husband makes guitars and unique instruments, wife makes wood carvings and other textiles in addition to weaving, and daughter apprentices in all things

Astrid and Brent furstner.

Ancestry: Indigenous to El Salvador. Mayan ancestry.

We are a family of woodworkers, we make guitars and unique instruments, wood carvings, wood puzzles, baskets, handwoven textiles, items that represent who we are and our mixed culture. Shop anytime on our website.

Wiwinu Enterprises

Nicole Adams

Ancestry: Colville Confederated Tribes


Natalie Native Art

Natalie Native Art- I am an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. I create hand beaded earrings in a variety of colors and unique styles. I also create custom embroidered products such as high quality kitchen towels, wall hangings, patches and more.

Natalie Mitchell Fuller

Ancestry: Citizen Potawatomi Nation and Indigenous Mexican, Greek ,French and Dutch

I am an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. I create hand beaded earrings in a variety of colors and unique styles. I also create custom embroidered products such as high quality kitchen towels, wall hangings, patches and more.

Bettys Beads

Anna Dahl

Ancestry: The Little Shell Tribe of Ojibwa Indians

Primarily hand beaded chokers and choker necklaces


HerbNHood-FinalCircleFade (1) - Chriset

Chriset Palenshus

Ancestry: Kanienkeha:ka (Mohawk)

HerbnHood was created to promote food sovereignty and traditional healing through natural, botanical products. As an Onkwehonwe, the Mohawk word for First People, I believe the earth provides all food and medicine needed for health and wellness. That is why I use high-quality, plant-based ingredients inspired by Onkwehonwe teachings. From medicinal teas and remedies to self-care products, HerbnHood uses organic, home-cultivated herbs grown with reverence for the land. HerbnHood products can be found on Etsy as well as retailers in Portland OR and Kahnawake, the Mohawk reserve where my family resides. I also vend at powwows, the Indigenous Marketplace, and farmers markets throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is an honor to be able to offer high-quality products to my community and share the Traditional Ecological Knowledge that has been passed down to me. Agriculture for the culture!

Two Spirit Medicinals LLC

Laurie Lava-Books

Ancestry: Karuk, Yurok and Chimariko

Herbal extracts, teas, essences, soy candles Http://


Kattia Hernandez

Ancestry: Indigenous from Costa Rica

LTY Designs

Cheri Lee

Ancestry: Gwichin'

Native jewelry


Paulina Ramirez

Ancestry: South American , Andean women , Cañari ancestry

Selfcare products (incense and aromatherapy blends and oils) handmade prints, handmade jewelry, handmade textile


Jonni Ketcher

NDN Indian- Johnny A

Jonni Ketcher

Ancestry: Cherokee/Tsalagi

Jonni Ketcher is an artist and Cherokee storyteller. Pairing her award-winning illustrative skills with Cherokee stories, she brings a fresh indigenous perspective through bold use of color and shapes.


RRB Native Jewelry

Regana Begay

Ancestry: Navajo

Silver bracelet rings earrings. Hand strung beaded necklaces and earrings. Art prints from native American artists.

D Little Shell Supreme

Dee Lira

Ancestry: Turtle Mountain Band* (and Little Shell) Ojibwe

ccasionally bone choker (necklace) and sometimes accept trades and sell. Painted art is generally native, nature or abstract on assorted materials; Jewelry-Loomwork, copper, silver, beads and Bone; assorted handmade curios (painted stones to ceramics or even lampshades). Woolen Bags that are hand sewn. Crochet also.

Hawai’ian Cherokee Organics

Hawaiian Cherokee Organics - Myell Thompson

Mueller Thompson

Ancestry: Hawai’ian Cherokee & Irish

Organic Vegan Handmade Skin & Hair Care

Cheadagi's Treasures

Jack Malstrom

Ancestry: Pima and Yaqui

Beadwork and resin charms

Ishq Skincare

Sarah Zareen

Ancestry: South Indian

"A line of ethical, organic skincare handcrafted with ingredients sustainably sourced from local Oregon farms and companies that practice fair trade policies Ishq (ee-shuh-quh) in Urdu means Love. This is ancestral medicine being shared with you through healing skincare & haircare Our mission is to make organic skincare simple, sustainable and accessible for everyone while supporting racial and social justice causes locally and globally "

S.L.S. Native Couture Designs

Rebecca Lynn Kirk

Ancestry: Native/black/ancient maya indigenous culture

Family. Handmade jewelry art native made, crafts, clothing, gifts,

Resting warrior face (apparel and accessories)

Rebecca Kirk

Ancestry: Klamath tribes Leech lake ojibwe Warm springs Wasco Nimiipu

Clothing: t shirts, tank tops, hoodies, bags, zip pouches, purses, scrunches, stickers, buttons all with originally designed indigenous artwork by me. Jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, beaded earrings traditional and contemporary fashion jewelry. Music: traditional native hand drum music composed by me. Paintings,cards,prints and posters with original painted art and graphic design done by me. With my art and the products I create, especially anything painted, printed on clothing and accessories will always be directly inspired by my tribal lineage with our designs that have a unique touch by me.

resting warrior face apparel

MommyGang LLC

Giana Lawrence

Ancestry: African Diaspora

Original designs as well. Copper, brass, clay, bead & shell Jewelry, redesigned clothing, crocheted hats, bags, vintage statement pieces.

Mexika Art

Mexika Art- Jewelry made of natural materials (stones, wood, and feathers).

Maria Gonzalez

Ancestry: Mexika

Jewelry made of natural materials (stones, wood, and feathers).

NimiiTli Beadwork

Eva Angus

Ancestry: Nez Perce, Cayuse, Tlingit, Haida & Pamunkey

Beaded earrings and jewelry


Somaflow Health and Massage LLC, Earthos

Kristi Carlough

Ancestry: Alutiiq/Aleut/Seldovia Village Tribe

Massage is a traditional medicine in our culture. I also sell wellness products right now herbal bath soaks which are made with earth medicine.

Born of Legends

Shannon Romero

Ancestry: Tribal/Indigenous Heritage

Artwork - contemporary apparel. stickers. signs. apparel, signage, stickers, and buttons

New Orleans and Family/TruAncestry

Ahmad Nelson Sr

Ancestry: Fulani tribe of Africa

Catering. Jewelry, art and crafts representing my Fulani heritage. New Orleans style food catering. Eat Good, Feel Good.

Sweet Native Expressions

Michelle Price

Ancestry: Navajo

Sweet Native Expressions (my business name) specializes in unique contemporary Native America wears, accessories, and gifts. All of our items are handcrafted by me, an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. Some of the items I make are jewelry, bags, coats, umbrellas, seat covers, greeting cards, to name a few items using a vast array of mediums. I also specialize in the Pacific Northwest weaving using cedar bark that we harvest from cedar trees; weaving clothing, bags, jewelry, and other accessories and wears that is accented with a twist of Navajo craft work. I sell at Native American markets, events, conferences, and gatherings throughout the states.

Kyles Creations


Ancestry: Cherokee

Tye dye clothing and apparel


Rose Alchemista

Rodi Bragg

Ancestry: Chumash

Handmade herbal skincare

Nomadic Lakota Arts

Adrian Larvie

Ancestry: Oglala Sichangu Lakota

Using Photography to make prints of my Paintings.

Mildred's Sweet Treats

Mildred Braxton

Ancestry: African Diaspora Heritage

I am an African-Indigenous American. I own a Bakery and catering business. I specialize in Southern desserts and ethnic foods, such as Southern Banana Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler, Lemon Glazed Pound Cake and Sweet Potato Pie. Me and my team also bring to the table some delicious Southern dishes, like Collard Greens, Southern Fried Chicken, Candid Yams, and Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread. Is your mouth watering yet! Contact me for more information and to help plan your next event with my delicious Southern dishes. 971.899.1458 on Facebook, Instagram, or website:


Mathilde’s Kitchen

Mathilde Wilson

Ancestry: African Diapora Heritage

I am selling an authentic line of beverages made with fresh and natural ingredients that showcases the Haitian flavors.

Indigenous Come Up

Lluvia Merello

Ancestry: Quechua, Andean/Inca (Indigenous to Peru)

Indigenous owned and operated since 2018. Indigenous since forever. Specializing in Andean/Inca jewelry, art and more.


Waterlilly Botanicals LLC

Waterlilly Bontanicals- Adrienne Berry

Adrienne Berry

Ancestry: Tribal Indigenous

A Holistic, Indigenous and Female owned business inspired by Nature and the wellness of Friends and Family. We sell seasonal Natural Skin Products, Essential oil roller bottle blends, a small selection of herbs, Healing stone jewelry, Tea blends and other Natural Products. Our products are seasonal and made in small batches at a local Certified Community Kitchen. We are located in Eastern Oregon at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains. We make our products monthly according to the seasons and what we have wildcrafted throughout the year. Our herbs and ingredients are sourced by sustainability farms with respect, appreciation and stewardship of the Earth. Our wildcrafted herbs are collected respectfully, sustainably, safely and cleanly as possible. Our vision is to work with the Earth through Universal energies and offer natural holistic solutions for Mind, Body and Spirit. Shop anytime on our website.


Lupe Rodriguez

Ancestry: Indigenous heritage- Mexica

I am an indigenous woman descendent of the Nahuatl people of Mexico. I am a mother, a partner, a grower, a maker and a Red Road walker. Enraizando brings plant medicine to you fueled by recovery work. Studies have shown that working directly with the earth heals spirit, heart and soul. I offer plantita medicine to you in the form of live plant creations as well as workshops and plant teachings.

The Ink Lab Custom Apparel

The Ink Lab

Rick Nevarez

Ancestry: Walker River Paiute Tribe (Agai Dicutta Numu)

T-shirts, tank tops, hats, and tote bags

Instagram: the_inklab Facebook: @theinklab.nw


Blackeagle Design

Kristina Blackeagle Pinkham

Ancestry: Nez Perce /Yakama

Handmade native items such as earrings, necklaces, beaded items, soaps, mocs, hand bags, purses, baskets, soaps and medicine bags

Native Artists Gallery

rebecca Fisher and family

Ancestry: Northern Cheyenne/Seneca/Tuscarora

beaded earrings-necklaces/lanyards-bags-moccasins-porcupine quillwork-birchbark items-dolls-artwork

Circles of Life

Martha Keogh

Ancestry: Little Shell Tribe of Ojibway indians

Hand drawn artwork

Minnow and Crow

Kiona (Minnow) Campbell

Ancestry: Kalapuyan from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Beaded jewelry and accessories

Hana Doe Design

Hana Doe Bernadett-Williams

Ancestry: African American, Tarahumara (Mexico), Mashpee Wampanoag raised/adopted

Beaded hats, earrings, jewelry, embroadery, leather crafts, tin art, and so much more!

IG: hanadoedesign

Rose Rico Designs

La Tisha Rico

Ancestry: Diné (Navajo)


Nizhoni Jewelry and Crafts

Cherilynn Tsosie

Ancestry: Navajo / White Mountain Apache

Contemporary Navajo Jewelry

"FB: Nizhoni Jewelry & Crafts

Etsy: Nizhoni Native Crafts "


Reahana LaBonte

Ancestry: Tribal. Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Organic Coconut Sugar Bakery and Salts

Rock, Metal & Bone

Leah Altman

Ancestry: Enrolled Oglala Lakota

brickstitch beaded earrings

Tre Club Beadwork

Marsha Tate

Ancestry: African American

I sell Soulfully Unique Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Tre Club Beadwork

Art Heaux

Judith & Samara

Ancestry: Chinanteca, Haitian-American

Painting. Paintings & prints of our paintings.


Asdzaa Olta

Lakota Scott

Ancestry: Diné

Woven basket jewelry. Shop anytime on the website.

Atrediva Studios

Sophie Garcia

Ancestry: Nahua and Yaqui Nations

I will offer a pop-up photography booth with an airbrush backdrop for glamour shots and astrology readings. These services can also go hand in hand as the're both designed to reflect client's truth and beauty in all its light. I'll also have racks of thrifted clothes for the fashion-savvy.

Dempsey Designs Beadwork

LaDonna Dempsey

Ancestry: Diné (Navajo)

Beaded earrings, beaded popsockets and medallions.

K'yash (Kuyash) Packs

Silas Hoffer

Ancestry: Grand Ronde/Yakama

bags - fanny packs for now and hoping to branch out

Red Road

Red Road - LisaMarie David Web

Lisa Marie David

Ancestry: First nation and Lakota

Hello we are Red Road, we have been a family business for more then 5 generations. I'm Lakota from Spirit Lake formally known as Devils Lake. And I'm First Nation's from the middle of Vancouver Island. I make all sizes of leather bag's. Medicine bag's. Dream catcher's and Medicine wheels ✨️ ♥️ 90% of my art is hand made . I'm born and raised in the North West. Thank for your time.

Native American Art.1

WarleyByrd Creations

Marley Avritt

Ancestry: African diaspora heritage

Recycled materials. Recycled handmade paper earrings and other small giftable items.

HABIT Apparel

First Name/ Last Name

Ancestry: Ancestry

I am a digital graphics designed for which I will print my designs on apparel. Handcrafted soaps, handmade fabric goods (will vary by season; i.e fans, face masks, headbands, lanyards etc.), patches and enamel pins, tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts.


Xochiyotl Beads

Samantha Abarca

Ancestry: Mexica

Beaded jewelry

Stone on Stone Creations

Roberta Stone

Ancestry: Southern Cheyenne Tribe

Painted feathers canvases crafts and face painting

Lakota Bows & Arrows

Ann Shabi

Ancestry: Lakota/Dakota/Dine

We will be selling sterling silver jewelry, beaded earring, and flint knapped knives and Marshall will be demonstrating how to flintknapping when possible.


Designs By Le'yon, Inc

Marcia McCoy

Ancestry: African American

Handmade One-of-a-kind/Custom Designed statement jewelry & accessories made of natural stones, glass, metal, & more. Products include custom tees, totes, masks, & more.

Hózhó Doula Care/ Hózhó Herbal Creations

Lindsay Thomas

Ancestry: Navajo Nation

Herbal creations made from plant medicines. Herbal teas, salts soaks, lotions, balms, sitz herbs, elixirs, I also make bone broths and offer dietary support.

Linda Lauren Design

Linda Higgins

Ancestry: Confederated Tribes Of TheYakama Nation, SW Washington

Traditional handmade regalia, goods and artwork. Shawls, ribbon skirts, and shorts.Tribal Bigfoot apparel, hats, patches.

Sakari Farms LLC

Spring Alaska Schreiner

Ancestry: Chugach Alaska Native Native

Tribal foods and healing products

Creative Native Along The Columbia River

Evelyn Jimmy

Ancestry: Canadian first nation from Beecher Bay

Crafted hand made baskets earrings and necklace

Alaskan two spirit

Javin Lindoff

Ancestry: Tlingit native of Southeast Alaska, and Filipino.

Sell dreamcatchers, jewelry, paintings and soon devil's club salve.



Sonja Cameron

Ancestry: African-American

I promote health and wellness through aromatherapy bath & body products

Cat Whipple Creations

Kids coloring bks big box ALL - Cat Williams (Cat)

Cat Whipple

Ancestry: Standing Rock Souix Tribe

I publish books and sell them on Amazon. I create coloring books for children, as well as scissor skills cutting and pasting books for kids, and puzzle books. I also create psychedelic therapy journals for adults. They are all published on

Innocent Designs

Innocent Designs- We offered, t-shirts, stickers, wall art, journals and buttons that have all our text based sayings. Creating designs to spark conversation.

Vanessa James

Ancestry: African American

We offered, t-shirts, stickers, wall art, journals and buttons that have all our text based sayings. Creating designs to spark conversation.

Northwest Beadwork

Stephanie M Pinkham

Ancestry: The Nez Perce Tribe

Northwest Beadwork is owned and operated by Nez Perce Artist Stephanie M. Pinkham. Stephanie designs custom and ready-made beadwork items including regalia, bags, wallets, earrings, hats, and more. You can find Northwest Beadwork on Facebook and Etsy.

Elaine Creations

Elaine St Martin

Ancestry: Tribal affiliation Tuscarora

hand made bags purses, hand made beading, hand baskets weaver/maker


BBTea - Malisa Tep

Malisa Tep

Ancestry: Indigenous Cambodian-American descent

BBTEA JARS offers eco friendly drinkware with bamboo lids, stainless steel/glass straws, with zero waste accessories. Its mission is to reduce plastic use waste one glass at a time & connecting with coffeeshops & boba shops to encourage accepting reusables. Wholesale inquiries are available to customize engrave the bamboo lids as well as individual personalized engravings. BBTEA JARS was founded Feburary 2020, and is currently working on creating Portland’s First Zero Waste Boba Kit which includes loose leaf teas, minimal ingredient boba pearls, a reusable tea strainer, and glass boba jar. We support heavily in community and local businesses, thus most partnerships are local, Woman-Owned and/or BIPOC-Owned. We’ve donated over $1K to Equitable Giving Circle and Golden Leaf Education Foundation in 2021. We are eco conscious, thus our glass cups are plastic free and we ship and deliver plastic free! #EcofriendlyBoBa Shop anytime on our website.


Keep It Classy llc

Keep It classy llc., this is a organic bodycare skincare, and haircare company. We work hard on having the products that derive stright from the herbs. We like to use are old but modern way to show that organic skincare, haircare, and bodycare is just as just as important as what we EAT. All together as 1 body adds happiness, hope, courage, joy, and strength. This is KEEP IT CLASSy llc.


Ancestry: African American

Haircare, bodycare, and skincare


Turquoise Dreams

First Name/ Last Name

Ancestry: Navajo tribe member

Native American jewelry. Jewelry made with sterling silber, turquoise, corals and shells. Also hand strung jewelry. Hand carved fetishes.

Facebook: Turquoise Dreams Instagram: Dreamsturquoise

Jewelry by Tonita

Tonita Bahe

Ancestry: Navajo (Dine)

Hand made jewelry.

Alexandra Abrego/ Laila McCollum

Alexandra Abrego Laila McCollum

Ancestry: Piute tribe

Jewelry, tote bags

Jamils Art

Ellen Goss

Ancestry: Enrolled Navajo Nation, African

I sell digital art prints, earrings, keychains, and various other items


Mother's Creations LLC

Mother's creation- Jewelry including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and rings

Leah Steinhebel

Ancestry: Alaskan Native

Jewelry including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and rings. Shop anytime through our website.

Inherently Native

Enherently Native - Lindsey Edwards

Lindsey Edwards/ Margarita Brianna Martin

Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde,Umpqua and Shasta Tribes

Hi there! My name is Lindsey Edwards and I am the founder and designer of the little shop, Inherently Native. My shop centers around the art of traditional beading and allows me to express myself through the various techniques, designs, and colors used. I started teaching myself how to bead two years ago as I had a newfound passion to pursue a deeper understanding and connection with my heritage, culture, and people. Earrings have been my primary product since I officially opened up in September of 2022, but I have been expanding to various other accessories, clothing, and regalia! Inherently Native allows me to reconnect with, explore, and share the beauty of my heritage and culture. I want to give people a voice and place to claim that we are still here by designing pieces that you can wear in day-to-day life while still repping your Native pride, spreading awareness, or just looking fantastic with some beaded accessories! You can find me primarily online and can see me pop up and various markets throughout the year. Thank you so much for considering my little shop and I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story too.

Instagram: Inherently_Native Facebook: Inherently Native

In Honor of "Bull In Sight"


Ancestry: Crow Indian (montanta)

Painted items and rattles. Wishing all the best in the afterlife...

Niteh Clothing

Nitay Clothing- Complete Set

Joshua Sosnoski

Ancestry: Chippewa Cree tribe in Rockyboy Montana

We are a brand of clothing that represents native culture and the love of art. Nitay/nitêh means My Heart in Chippewa Cree language, start with your heart and whatever you do comes from the heart. Shop anytime on our website.

Turtle Island Apparel

Rowena Jackson

Ancestry: Klamath Tribes

I would like to share a table with my Mother who hand makes Cards, table and wall sized Art pieces. I have a selection of handmade shoes made out of rope, not made by me. I also have various items for resale that are largely health and beauty/Laundry, hand and body soaps.


TwahnaCreation Welcome! I am Kitana, an Oregon born Native American, gamer, and expanding spiritualist. I make abstract statement paintings guided by energy and intuition. A majority of my work begins on wood, or paper and is designed through color, positive space, and intention. The purpose of TwahnaCreation is to honor and practice Native spirituality and this artwork shows we are all energetically connected, a belief our ancestors practiced daily. Hayu Masi.

Kitana Connelly

Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde/ Umqua.

Welcome! I am Kitana, an Oregon born Native American, gamer, and expanding spiritualist. I make abstract statement paintings guided by energy and intuition. A majority of my work begins on wood, or paper and is designed through color, positive space, and intention. The purpose of TwahnaCreation is to honor and practice Native spirituality and this artwork shows we are all energetically connected, a belief our ancestors practiced daily. Hayu Masi.


Annette Jackson

Annette Jackson-I create my artwork from my own components of lampwork beads, fused glass, enameled copper, and fashioned metal pieces. These handmade pieces are combined on re-purposed wood and may contain additional objects found along the way. Drawing from a rich and diverse cultural heritage of Native American, African and Eastern European roots I infuse my work with a spiritualism and a sense of collective conscientiousness that draws on the common nature of humanity.

Annette Jackson

Ancestry: African American

I create my artwork from my own components of lampwork beads, fused glass, enameled copper, and fashioned metal pieces. These handmade pieces are combined on re-purposed wood and may contain additional objects found along the way. Drawing from a rich and diverse cultural heritage of Native American, African and Eastern European roots I infuse my work with a spiritualism and a sense of collective conscientiousness that draws on the common nature of humanity.

Separate Mountain Designs

Emerson Begay

Ancestry: Diné (Navajo)

Separate Mountain Designs will be selling original handmade handcrafted designs on apparel.

Poetic Bruj@ Botanica

Izá Avalos

Ancestry: P'urepecha and Kiche

I offer herbal medicine made in kinship with the Earth, guided by the Stars. Including tea blends, herb bundles, tinctures, oils, salves, shea butter, herbal first aid kits, Stones, steaming blends, sprays, essences, and other botanical goods for a balanced body and home.

Native Knick Knacks

Kelly Guerra

Ancestry: Cowlitz

Cedar bark baskets, beaded earrings, necklaces, ornament covers, handmade bags, dance shawls, regalia, handmade peanut brittle, quick breads, smoked salmon

U-niq Native Contemporary Jewelry

Anita Davis

Ancestry: Warm Springs

Contemporary Native Jewelry and bead work

Many Stages LLC

Many Stages Lamaya Jarrell

Lamaya Jarrell

Ancestry: French Creole Ojibwe & Black Seminole & Scandinavian

Earings, bracelets, necklaces

Nimma Blessing

Nimma Blessing

Ancestry: Cherokee Nation, Irish and Czech

Paintings and massage

Simply Alaskan Artwork

Heather Johnston-simplyalaskanartwork

Heather Johnston

Ancestry: Unangan/Alutiiq

I am an Alaska Native artist (Unangax & Alutiiq). I specialize in traditional artwork with a contemporary flair. I create ledger style artwork on antique original maps of Alaska as well as paintings with oil and acrylic.

"Facebook Instagram"

Everything Beauty

Marisha Menefee

Ancestry: African Diaspora/Black

Body butter/scrubs, jewelry, candles, and water bottles


Lady Cosbae

Ruth Porter

Ancestry: Oklahoma Choctaw/ African Diaspora

Modeling, Face painting & Graphic artwork


Of The Earth & Native Co

Pamela Brooks

Ancestry: Yurok tribe

Beaded earrings & medallions. The material I use are Seed beads, shells, abalone, mirrors, leather and metal findings.

White Buffalo Asdzáán

Athene Stevens

Ancestry: Navajo and Omaha tribes

Creations by Two Generations! We make jewelry, bags, quilts beadwork and more!


Aleut Art by Alma


Ancestry: Aleut

Baskets, masks, beadwork, paintings, possibly a totem pole. My art is representative of my culture because I learned from my Father who is also Aleut. We (Aleut people) have been using baleen and ivory for hundreds or possibly thousands of years. It is something kept alive by a very small number of people.

Sol de oro & beautified byb

@_Sol_de_oro @_BeautifiedbyB

Blanca Pena

Ancestry: Purepechas

I do permanent dainty jewelry. It is claspless & micro welded on so it comes off only until person is ready for it to come off. Tooth gems are semi permanent tooth jewelry that is safe for tooth placement There are gems as well as gold & white gold custom design shapes. Depending on care they can last from 6 months - 1+ year

@_Sol_de_oro @_BeautifiedbyB

Strong By Choice

Strong By Choice

Gabriella Pena

Ancestry: Wintu

Sustainable Clothing line! Using 100%Organic and Recycled Materials.


Fragrant Karma Co

Tarivia Ramirez

Ancestry: Warm springs confederate tribes

Seasonally scented candles and wax melts

Nature Ghost

Rowan Sixkiller

Ancestry: Cherokee nation

Handmade collection of beadwork jewelry and fine art.

All Zzzz... Pillows and More

All Zzzz... Pillows and More- JaNaela Page

JaNaela Page

Ancestry: Black of African decent

My name is JaNaela Page and I am the owner of All Zzzz... Pillows and More! I am a mother, and educator, and lover of all kinds of Music. I started All Zzzz...Pillows and More because I believe that everyone, especially children, should have a safe and comfortable place to lay their heads. I made my first pillow when my mother in law got sick. It seemed like everyone was spending the night and using my kids pillows; leaving their scent and germs on them. So I made the kids pillows with their names on them and everyone knew not to use them. When my mother passed away in 2020 I used my pillow making as a way for me to deal with my pain and heartbreak. Since then All Zzzz... Pillows and More has been blessing people all around the Portland area and even as far as North Carolina. I dedicate my business to my mom V. Rena' Allen who was always my biggest support and my mother in law Marie Garland. I can't wait to take your order! All my pillows are made by hand and stuffed with love!


Shukura Mitchell

Ancestry: Black/African

I customize shoes,clothes and more. I do resin more by hand.

Of The Earth & Native Co.

Pamela Brooks

Ancestry: Yurok Tribe

Beaded earrings, medallions & keychains. I design and make Beaded earrings, medallions and keychains. I incorporate Native American designs that represent my tribe.

Mnuwai ayat-kind woman creAtions

Maria or Victoria godines

Ancestry: confederate tribes of warm springs

Earrings necklaces chokers dream catchers, Traditional and/or contemporary regalia

Red Skye, llc

Aurolyn Stwyer

Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Beadwork jewelry, blankets, shawls, ceremonial regalia, dream catchers, drums. Also canned salmon

Genesis Afrocentric Wellness House

Felecia Graham

Ancestry: African ancestry

Doula Services Childbirth/Fertility/Postpartum Classes/workshop Handmade pregnancy and postpartum healing products. Baby wearing wraps Regular and African Print Lotus birth bags Regular andAfrican Print African baskets from Senegal

Khaksa Salsa

Rupinder Kaur 'Rippy'

Ancestry: South Asian Indian sub continent

Indian Fusion Salsa and Indian Hot food

ARIMO Productions LLC

Ed Edmo

Ancestry: Shoshone-Bannock

Poetry books, Poem shirts, posters and beadwork made by family

Dreamy Drea’s

Andrea Urbina

Ancestry: Oklahoma Cherokee/Choctaw

I opened a self care business, where I make homemade whipped, Shea butters, candles, soaps, bath salts, homemade jewelry, body scrubs, and body balms!

'Ohana Boutique

Jennifer Woodruff

Ancestry: Iroquois; Oneida, Mohawk, Onandaga

Crochet hats, scarves, household items, etc, dreamcatchers, wire-wrapped pendant necklaces



Ancestry: Biracial and Lumbee

Jewelry (including traditional waistbeads), Intentional & Spiritual creations (amulets, poppets, medicine bags, protective home decor), natural health and beauty products, hair adornments, Loc jewelry, mojo bags, Pine needle decor, greeting cards, ect.

Alchemik LLC


Ancestry: Yurok Tribe


Building My Vocal Nation (Bmvn)


Ancestry: Black/African American

Art prints and stickers with original designed. As well as original traditional artwork.



Ancestry: Apache/Yaqui

Earrings of different sizes and styles.

Whitecrow Creations Co.


Ancestry: Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma

I'm a member of the Seneca Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma. I've been beading for a few years and finally decided to start selling my work after receiving a mountain of encouragement from my friends and family. I love beading and creating jewelry with natural stones. It's been a form of medicine for me. It's also been a great way for me to reconnect with my culture. I mainly bead earrings, but I also bead on hats, wine glasses, antlers and more.

Native Twist


Ancestry: Sugpiaq/Alutiiq, Native Village of Afognak

I bead jewelry and accessories from scratch, bending wire to make the earhook... and bead on premade items, like hats/shows

Chokecherry Dreams Beadwork


Ancestry: Choctaw of Oklahoma/Blackfeet Nation

Beaded Jewelry

Arusha Dittmer


Ancestry: The Ho-Chunk Nation

Mixed media art prints and original paintings

Diosa Arte


Ancestry: Mixteca/ Mexica Indigenous


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