About Us

How it all began

Being the only business of color or the only Indigenous vendor at events sparked an idea in the mind of Lluvia Merello (Business Owner of Indigenous Come Up). To create another inclusive space where businesses of color and Indigenous origin will feel at home, and to create a space that supports creativety and culture.

Determined to create such a space, Merello founded the Portland Indigenous Marketplace in 2018.

Our Story

Over the Years



Indigenous Come Up contracts with PBOT to host 3 Native Markets at the Last Thursday events on Alberta St


First Black Friday

Indigenous Come Up partenrs with the Rockwood center for the first Black Friday Indigenous Marketplace


Wide Spread Marketplaces

Indigenous Come Up partners with Great Spirit for Metro’s Community Place Making Grant for a series of events called the Portland Indigenous Marketplaces


Becoming a non-profit

Portland Indigenous Marketplace becomes a 501(c)3 non profit


Expansion and Move

Portland Indigenous Marketplace continues to grow and moved to a new location in November

Our Mission

Portland Indigenous Marketplace supports Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs by providing barrier-free, culturally respectful spaces that encourage cultural resilience and economic sustainability by promoting public education through cultural arts.

As an organization made of and serving primarily local Indigenous and Black artists and entrepreneurs, though this organization may not serve a particular Tribe or community, this Indigenous community is very connected with the Native American community in the Portland Metropolitan Area and beyond. Portland Indigenous Marketplace is proud to serve diverse Indigenous vendors through the Indigenous Marketplace programming with heritage from Shoshone-Bannock to Dine (Navajo) tribes, Warm Springs to North Dakota, Mexica, Haitian, Fulani, Quechua and so on.

These last few years have shown us all how the Portland Indigenous Marketplace as a unique organization made up of and serving Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs can truly play an important role in supporting our community’s vitality via community spaces, resources, and respect. See you soon!

What We Do

Portland Indigenous Marketplace strives to strengthen our Indigenous Community in any way we can, though the programming we offer and in everything we do as a community

Our Programs

Portland Indigenous Marketplace offers a variety of community enriching programs like regular newsletters, workshops and fundraising in addition to organizing markets.


Please extend your support to Portland Indigenous Marketplace by participating in our markets, contributing to our programs, buying raffle tickets or by directly donating to us.

Our Artists

We partner with more than 100 Artists (plus counting). Each of the artists are given the opportunity to be a vendor at the markets organized.

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