Portland Indigenous Marketplace

Portland Indigenous Marketplace supports indigenous artists and entrepreneurs by providing barrier-free, culturally respectful spaces that encourage cultural resilience and economic sustainability by promoting public education through cultural arts.

Our Artists/Entrepreneurs

A marketplace specifically for Indigenous/Black vendors, all the artists/entrepreneurs featured on Indigenous Marketplace have Indigenous/Black ancestry. Indigenous/Black creativity and keeping up traditions is what bring us all together.

Indigenous Marketplace

If you are interested in being a Indigenous/Black artist/entrepreneur at our Indigenous Marketplace fill out our General Programming Application. We will follow up with every application.


We are grateful for all the support we receive from our greater community. Every person who visits and participates in the various events we hold are very valuable to us. Support artists/entrepreneurs directly anytime with online orders.

Working to Strengthen our Indigenous Community and Culture

The goals of Portland Indigenous Marketplace are to sustain our cultures by leading as a community spreading our cultural heritage as well as supporting economic independence for indigenous Artists and Entrepreneurs

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