Art & Jewelry

3WS Generations Beadwork

Jolene Ramirez Soto
Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Traditional style Native American beadwork with a contemporary twist warmspringsbeadwork@gmailcom FB 3x Generations Beadwork

a.c. ramírez de arellaño

a.c ramírez de arellaño
Ancestry: Taino Handmade leather items, handmade masks, fine art (oils on canvas) 23×36”
IG @a.c.ramirezdearellano

Atrum Arte

Astrid and Brent
Ancestry: Mayan (Indigenous to El Salvador)
Wood carvings, handmade textiles such as baskets and hand woven items, and handmade musical instruments
IG @atrumarte

Asdzaa Olta

Lakota Scott
Ancestry: Diné
Wire woven jewelry using ancestral techniques
IG @lakotascott FB @asdzaaolta

Beauty is Everywhere

Jacqueline Soule-Dow
Ancestry: Diné
Hand painted cigar boxes, with traditional Navajo designs
FB @BeautyisEverWhere15

Betty’s Beads and Designs

Anna Dahl
Ancestry: Little Shell Tribe – Chippewa
Beaded necklaces and chokers

Cheiadagi’s Treasure Trove

Jack Malstrom
Ancestry: Pima and Yaqui
Resin charms and beadwork
IG @Cheiadagistreasures

Delaselva EnLaCiudad

Ancestry: Chachi from the coastal tribe of Ecuador
I bead earrings and hamsa’s with empowering intentions. My most popular earrings are called “inter-generational healing.” They replicate the shape of DNA and tell the story of what healing our generational trauma can be envisioned as. The hamsa’s I bead are connected to my Jewish heritage, but the Hamsa symbol can be found all throughout the world. I incorporate colorful design and sacred symbology through beading to create my protective pieces.
IG @Delaselva_enlaciudad

Dempsey Designs Beadwork

LaDonna Dempsey
Ancestry: Navajo Nation
Authentic Navajo Beadwork, made locally in Portland, Oregon. Navajo Entrepreneur featuring beaded jewelry, medallions, lanyards
IG @Dempseydesignsbeadwork FB @Dempseydesignsbeadwork

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Indigenous Come Up

Lluvia Merello
Ancestry: Quechua Andean/Inca
Indigenous owned and operated since 2018
IG @IndigenousComeUp FB @IndigenousComeUp P @IndigenousComeUpllc TW @IndigenousCU

IG FB @Insomniaar


Kattia Hernandez
Ancestry: Indigena de Costa Rica, Huetar
Hand Made Móviles ,basket, hats,maracas, earrings

Lakota Bows & Arrows

Ann Shabi
Ancestry: Lakota/Dakota/N.Cheyenne/Navajo
Family-owned and run jewelry, accessory, and art business. Specializing in artisans style sterling silver jewelry and N. Plains bead work (i.e beaded earrings, bags), drums, sinew backed bows, flint Knapped knives, brain tan leather, and moccasins.
IG @Tuswechazicreations

Love Adorned by Lori Tazbah

Lori Tapahonso
Ancestry: Diné and Acoma Pueblo
Love Adorned by Lori Tazbah specializes in handmade contemporary Native jewelry made from recycled, repurposed materials with natural stones and shells. Love Adorned also carries custom decals and prints by Native pop artist, Steven Paul Judd and Native children’s books.
FB @LoveAdornedByLT IG @Loveadornedbyloritazbah

LTY Designs

Ancestry: Gwichin’ and Din’e
Necklaces, earrings and ribbon skirts.
IG @Cherilee2

Makali’i Made / Lehuauakea

Ancestry: Native Hawaiian
Hand-carved bamboo earrings and hairpins, featuring detailed traditional Native Hawaiian patterns, all-organic materials, and plastic-free packaging
IG @makalii_made and @lehuauakea

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Native Beaded Creations

Pamela Brooks
Ancestry: Yurok
Design, create and bead custom earrings, medallions using a variety of colored beads, abalone, dentalium shells, stone, crystal & mirrors, creating unique, tribal designs
Social Media: IG @Lovely.pam16

Native Mexika Art

Maria Ganzalez
Ancestry: Mexika
Handmade jewelry
IG @Yaokoatonal

Native Twist

Colette Buchanan
​Ancestry: Sugpiat, Aleut, Alutiiq, Sun’aq
Native American jewelry pieces with a modern twist. Art that expresses positive moods through colours. Incorporating traditional skills into expressions is an honor. My hope is to share the joy I experience in creating the pieces with those who want to express themselves through my art.
IG @Native_Twist

NDN Indian

Jonni Ketcher
Ancestry: Tsalagi/Cherokee
Tsalagi illustrator and storyteller. I sell prints based on stories shared with me by family and friends

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NimiiTli Beadwork

Eva Angus
Ancestry: Nez Perce, Cayuse, Tlingit, Haida
Beaded earrings & jewelry
IG @nimii_tli_eva

Nizhoni Jewelry and Crafts

Cherilynn Tsosie
Ancestry: Navajo/ White Mountain Apache
Navajo jewelry and crafts with a modern touch

Nomadic Lakota Fine Arts

Adrian Larvie
Ancestry: Oglala / Sichangu Lakota
Art Prints, T-shirts, Car Decals

QuiQuilee Creations

Christina Felix
Ancestry: Opata
Homemade fabric accessories and nature photography. I make fabric wallets, purses and masks and nature photography greeting cards and more.
FB @Quiquilee

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Red Road

Lisa MarieDavid
Ancestry: Lakota and first Nation
Leather, Willow, beadwork, sinue, we make all sorts of stuff. We are a family business.
FB @NativeAmerican.Art1

Rock Metal and Bone

Leah Altman
Ancestry: Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge
Handmade Native jewelry

Rose Rico Designs

LaTisha Roca
Ancestry: Diné
Diné artist mixing traditional materials & contemporary designs
latisharico@gmail.comIG @RoseRicoDesigns

Riggs Beadwork

Ancestry: Navajo
Handmade Navajo beadwork and jewelry
IG @riggsbeadwork

RRB Native Jewelry

Regana Begay
Ancestry: Navajo
Southwest Native jewelry and crafts
FB @ReganaRoseBegay IG @rrbnative

Serena Kwey’s Beaded Earrings

Serena Hart
Ancestry: Ojibwe/Anishinaabe
Handmade Porcupine Quill earrings, Traditional Style Ojibwe Feather earrings along with a few of my own Creations.

SLS Native Couture Designs

Stephanie Smith
Ancestry: Klamath
Jewelry, gifts, clothing and art
FB @S.L.SNativeCoutureDesigns

Stone and Stone Creations

Roberta Stone
Ancestry: Southern Cheyenne
Arts and crafts on stones, feathers, canvases and face painting.

Sweet Native Expressions

Michelle Price
Ancestry: Navajo
Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle Price. I am of the Chiricahua Apache clan, born for the Sleeping Rock clan, my maternal grandfather is Two Who Came to the Water clan, and paternal grandfather is of the Edge of the Water Clan.
I work with my brother in bringing pieces to our customers.

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Sweet Rain Creations

Reina Nelson
Ancestry: Grand Ronde/Umatilla
Native American jewelry & art
FB @ReinaNelson



Tone-Pah-Hote Designs

Tarlynn Tonepahhote
Ancestry: Kiowa/Oneida
Crafts all hand made by family. We take custom orders for ribbon skirts/shirts, beaded items (earrings, regalia, etc.), silver work (earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.) and other miscellaneous items. Ah-ho, nia:wen!
FB @Tonepahhote.designs


IG @


Ancestry: Y





Ancestry: Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho
Native american powwow dance belts

Wilgoosksm Gibaaw (Wise Wolf)

Janice Jainga-Lonergan
Ancestry: Tsimshian
Traditional and contemporary Tsimshian art in weavings of red & yellow cedar bark, beaded jewelry and regalia.

Wiwinu Enterprises

Nicole Adams
Ancestry: Coville
Native Jewelry
IG @Wiwinu_enterprises FB @WiwinuEnterprises

Minnow and Crow

Ancestry: Kalapuyan from Conf. Tribes of Grand Ronde
Slow-crafted handmade indigenous beadwork and design.

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Tonalli Altar Skulls

Ancestry: Nahua
My items are important elements of the Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) tradition.

Tre Club Beadwork

Ancestry: Cherokee and Blackfoot
Soulfully Unique Beaded Jewelry

Northwest Beadwork

Ancestry: Nez Perce
Indigenous Beadwork and Baskets.

Women-Sew Global Foundation

Ancestry: Women of Color collective including: Afghan, El Salvadorian, African American, Nepali, and Rohingya.
Handmade/sewn accessories and tote bags
FB @WomenSEWFoundation

Wellness Products

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made LLC

Chishyla Kimmons
Ancestry: Indigenous
Your Hair Is Your Glory Growth Oil- An handmade all natural growth oil
FB @ChiKimmons

Hawai’ian Cherokee Organics

Ancestry: Cherokee, Hawai’ian & Irish
Organic, Vegan Skin/ Hair Care From My Grandparents Hawai’ian & Cherokee Traditional Recipes. We also Make Decor, Art, Books & Other Products as a Family
IG @Hawai’ianCherokeeOrganics FB @Hawai’ianCherokeeOrganics


Chriset Palenshus
Ancestry: Kanienkeha:ka (Mohawk)
Botanical products and apparel
IG @HerbnHood FB @HerbnHood

Ishq Skincare

Sarah Zareen
Ancestry: South Asian
Ishq is a healing line of ethical, organic skincare handcrafted with ingredients sourced from Oregon farms and companies that practice fair trade policies. Ishq (ee-shuh-quh) in Urdu means Love. Our organic moisturizing creams, scrubs, masks, beard and hair oils are inspired by ancient healing recipes from the Indian subcontinent. Some of the recipes are directly passed down to us by our family of healers.
IG @IshqSkinCare FB @IshqSkinCare

Karabombs llc

Candice Chalmers
Ancestry: Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Taking bath bombs to a whole new level, we handcraft tons of options with surprises inside & offer Over 175 shapes! We giveback 15% of all Pokeball sales to the Liberty House of Marion & Polk counties. We love working with Nonprofits for fundraising adventures & take custom orders. Random FREE extras are included with all shipped purchases!!
IG @Karabombsllc FB @Karabombs


Paulina Rmairez
Ancestry: Andinx
Natural line of self care products and art prints
IG @Lapaushi

Rose Alchemista

Rodi Bragg
Ancestry: Chumash/Mayan
Homemade herbal beauty products
IG @RoseAlchemista

Two Spirit Medicinals

Laurie Books
Ancestry: Member of the Karuk tribe , Yurok, Chimariko
Spiritual Medicinals. Elixirs, Teas, Ceremonial Mists, Essences.

Waterlilly Botanicals LLC

Ancestry: Navajo
Natural skin products, herbal preparations, herbal tea blends and jewelry
IG @Waterlillybotanicalsllc FB @Waterlillybotanicalsllc

Wombyns Wellness Garden

Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz
Ancestry: OGLALA LAKOTA/YOMBA SHOSHONE enrolled Lower Brule
Medicinal herbs, tea blends, tinctures, plant starts, seeds & seasonal produce
FB @WombynsWellnessGarden-OITBC

Somaflow Health and Massage LLC, Earthos

Ancestry: Alutiiq
Massage and healing touch is one of the first healing offerings as indigenous peoples which has been lost in custom, but recently others are finding alternative healings as essential to their recovery from pain, trauma, and chronic stress. The healing soaks and wellness products are very special to me. Even the label design that I am creating with Kari Rowe and indigenous designer represents the landscapes of the Kachemak Bay where I am from. The ingredients are from the earth, salts and herbal ingredients, and made with love and intention. Check in for availability of services.

Business Services

Digital Native Consultants

Jeff Fitzpatrick
Ancestry: Nez Perce
Digital marketing services such as web, SEO, print, email marketing and video production projects. Understanding what success looks like for you is where we start. We listen with an analytical perspective and offer tactical strategies to move your business in the right direction.

Ed Edmo Native American Consultant

Ed Edmo
Ancestry: Shoshone-Bannock
Poetry books: THESE FEW WORDS OF MINE, Poem-shirts, Native Postr & beadwork.

Sherrie Davis- Native American Flute Music

Sherrie Davis
Ancestry: Spanish Basque, Mexican & mixed Indigenous descendant
Native American Flute Music
Recording Artist and world renowned Native American flute player Sherrie Davis, is a 2 time Global music award winner. Sherrie received the emerging artist 2019 Global Music Award for her song Wisdom of the Ancestors, and in 2020 the Outstanding Achievement Global Music Award for her album The Journey Home. Sherrie also won the 2020 Native American Style flute award in 2 categories, for her album The Journey Home.

Next Level Physical Therapy for Body and Mind

Lisette Enriquez
Ancestry: Apache And Mayan
IG @tre.lisette FB

Food & Farm Businesses



IG @

Mathilde’s Kitchen

Mathilde Aurélien Wilson
Ancestry: Haitian, African-American
My Haitian Caribbean food is now being catered for events in Portland. Our Hibiscus/Ginger Brew in all New Seasons and Market of Choice and Co-ops
IG @Mathildes_Kitchen

New Orleans and Family

New Orleans and Family
Ancestry: Fulani, African-American
Eat Good, Feel Good.

Sakari Botanicals

Spring Alaska Schreiner
Ancestry: Inupiaq/Valdez Native Tribe/ Chugach Alaska Native Corporation
Sakari Farms is located in Tumalo, the heart of Central Oregon. Our current growing creations consist of specialty tribal peppers, tomatoes, herbs and one of a kind native flowers. Our farm practices organic and biodynamic growing practices and holds the Intertribal Agricultural Council’s “Made by Native American” patent certification
IG @SakariFarms FB @SakariBotanicals


The for over a century.

Hooligan Harvest LLC

Ancestry: Yakama Nation
Third generation tribal fisherwomen.We are Yakama Tribal Fisherwomen selling smoked salmon.

Wombyns Wellness Garden

Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz
Ancestry: OGLALA LAKOTA/YOMBA SHOSHONE enrolled Lower Brule
Medicinal herbs, tea blends, tinctures, plant starts, seeds & seasonal produce
FB @WombynsWellnessGarden-OITBC

Mildred’s Sweet Treats

Mildred’s Sweet Treats
Ancestry: African American/Indigenous
Southern style baked goods and treats, such as Sweet Potato Pies, Coconut Cream Cake, Lemon Glazed Pound Cake , Peach Cobbler, Caramel Popcorn, and a variety of Cookies to choose from.


Born of Legends

Shannon Romera
Ancestry: Paiute/Taos Pueblo
A line created by an Indigenous Graphic Artist celebrating our culture, traditions, and current ways – Indigenous style
IG @BornofLegends FB @BornofLegends

HABIT Apparel by TLLC

Black (African-American), Cherokee (of Georgia), Lower Muscogee Creek and Seminole
HABIT has to do with intentional efforts that someone makes everyday, often for their own betterment or for the greater good. I aim to help ignite that through my designs that convey positive messages of unity.
IG @habitapparelbytllc

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Kyle Porter Creations

Kyle Porter
Ancestry: Cherokee
Tye dye apparel
FB @KylePorterCreations

Salish Warrior Society

Ancestry: Member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe of Washington State
Indigenous fitness t-shirts and face masks
IG @salishwarriorsociety FB @salishwarriorsociety