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Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is not uncommon. But the estimated 2,000 people who passed through the Indigenous Black Friday Marketplace in Northeast Portland on Nov. 29 got an extraordinary treat: A culturally-sensitive space curated by, and created for, indigenous artists and makers. – Metro Article

Watch, listen and learn as our Elders speak during a live talk show – posted on our Facebook page

-Wisdom of the Elders Live Talk Show

We value each and every artist and associate and here are what they have to say about Indigenous Marketplace!

“Indigenous Come Up, through its Portland Indigenous Marketplace is generating significant income opportunities for Portland’s Native American community. We already knew Native artisans were entrepreneurial, but lacking opportunities to reach broader markets, our ability to generate meaningful income was hindered. In just a couple of short years, Indigenous Come Up has created a reliable, authentically Indigenous space to grow our businesses. My participation has generated significant income for Wiwinu, and I am only one business among so many.”

Nicole Adams- Business owner of Wiwinu Enterprises

“Community organizing & engagement skills out the roof!! ♥ definitely elevating opportunities for Indigenous come up! Always a great time working side by side! See you all soon!”

Roberta Eaglehorse- Business owner of Wombyn’s Wellness Garden

“What does the Portland Indigenous Marketplace mean to me? It means to empower the liberty of being one’s true self and to uplift a community through the appreciation And inspiration of Indigenous heritage and honoring the culture through various expressions of arts and crafts. Portland Indigenous Marketplace uplifts.”

Giana C Lawerence- Artist

“Our traditional crafts may have changed some, due to our urban cultural influences but our heart medicine is still the same in everything we create.”

Laurie Books – Two Spirit Medicinals

“The marketplace is a safe environment where I can be myself, I feel appreciated, supported and in community, this is not only a way to make money to help support myself but makes my heart full. Gracias”

Lori Tapahonso- Business Owner of Love and Adorned by Lori Tazbah

“This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Native artists on a consistent basis. It’s a showcase production that allows the artist to take center stage. I’ve really enjoyed the in-person marketplaces that I’ve been a part of. The trusted brand of the Indigenous Marketplace makes it easy for us to be successful at all of the events we vend at. Thank you.”

Carmen Garnica- Business Owner of Insomnia Arte Y Cultura